Biden: 97-98% of Americans to be vaccinated before normalcy can return

Excellent observation from Jeff Dornik today at NOQ Report on the latest hat trick from Joe Biden, who has made an absolutely insane claim about getting back to normal after COVID-19. He’s now saying that we have to get 97-98% of Americans vaccinated before normalcy can return in this country.

Historically, herd immunity was reached once approximately 70% of a community was immune to a virus. That would include those vaccinated and those with natural immunity. The problem is that the authoritarian dictator that runs this country doesn’t believe in science.

Ever since April 2020, I’ve been saying that the powers-that-be want to inject every man, woman and child with this “vaccine.” From the beginning, I’ve been saying that I don’t know what’s in there or why they want us all to have this foreign substance in our bodies, but they won’t stop until we’ve all taken it.

Take a minute or so and go read the whole thing. Now’s probably a good time to bring get brought up to speed on what’s going on behind the curtain with our alleged administration.

Published by greg46158

I believe chocolate in virtually any configuration is the finest dessert in the history of mankind. I believe it is better to be unvaccinated and free than to be a slave. I believe modern capitalism will never be replaced by a better form of economics. I believe my Springfield Hellcat is the best American-made high-capacity compact 9mm. I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.

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